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If you have a home with sprinklers, we make sure they are ready for action. If your system requires emergency service, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whatever the need may be, Victory Fire Protection will answer the call. 

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If you recently moved in to your new home, you probably looked up at some point and said, “Hey, we have sprinklers!” This is a feature of your home that you want to be familiar with. Victory can help you by giving you a quick tour over the phone or in person to explain how the system works — A simple annual inspection may help you keep your fire sprinkler system in service for the life of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping Homeowners Know their Sprinkler Systems.

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Get to know your automatic fire sprinkler system

Residential Automatic Fire Sprinkler systems are designed to protect property and save your life. Victory Fire Protection will gladly discuss any question you may have regarding your residential fire sprinkler system.  If you just want to learn more, discuss an upcoming modification, alteration, addition or renovation project or need your fire sprinkler system inspected we are happy to provide you courteous, kind, professional guidance and unparralled service from the first contact.  We will answer any question you have regarding your fire sprinkler system.  Here’s a few that might help before you reach out.

What should the pressure gauge read on my residential sprinkler system?

If your system is supplied by public water, the pressure gauge located on your system riser will show the available pressure provided by your water company.  Take note of the pressure reading on your gauge.  If your system pressure is 0 (zero) call us immediately at 1-888-VIC-FIRE.  If your system pressure is above 175 psi, this pressure exceeds the pressure of your system’s components and needs to be reduced. Take a picture of your gauge and email it to us at info@vicfire.net.  A picture shared by phone or email can help us help you. A representative will be glad to assist you.

I have a Pump and a Tank, I haven’t touched it. What do I need to do?

It his highly recommended to test run your pump periodically to make sure the system is in good working condtion.  Contact us today to schduled a Residential Fire Sprinkler System Inspection.

A picture shared by phone or email can help us help you.  Call or email us to arrange to have a technician contact you.

Does my fire sprinkler system need to be inspected? What if it is an Antifreeze system

Although residential fire sprinkler systems are designed to be mostly maintenance free. A periodic inspection of a WET system (water only) will make sure the system is in working condtion. If your system has ANTIFREEZE, the antifreeze shall be tested on an annual basis. Contact us to schedule your inspection today.

My home has fire sprinklers, I am finishing the basement. Do I need a fire sprinkler contractor?

YES!  Any alteration, addition, renovation or finished basement project in a home with sprinklers will likely require the expertise of a qualified fire sprinkler contractor.  When walls are moved, removed, soffits are constructed, rooms are built, or ceilings dropped, modifications to your fire sprinkler system will be necessary.  If you are planning on a project, we can help!  Call us today to discuss your project and we can give you a budget estimate for work on your sprinkler system over the phone. We love meeting customers face-to-face, so arrange a visit from a Victory Fire professional.

Do all sprinklers go off in a fire?

NO!  Fire Sprinklers are activated by heat.  The sprinklers nearest the area of the fire where the ambient temperature may rise above 155 degrees operate.  Always, when in the event of a fire, exit your home quickly, call 911 and let the professionals and your fire sprinklers handle the heat!

Am I required to have my backflow prevention device tested.

Yes, your water company requires your backflow prevention device to be tested.  Most water purveyors require this test annually. Victory Fire Protection, Inc. Service Technicians are trained and certified in both the Testing and Repair of Backflow Prevention devices. Call us today to schedule your backflow test.

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