Career & Job Opportunities

We have a wide range of jobs ranging from field technicians and system designers to project managers, sales and support staff. 

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Competitive Benefits

Some brief statement about benefits and compensation. These are expected and really just need to check off the big boxes.  The heading infers competitive salary or pay, but it makes sense to mention healthcare specifically, flexible hours, continuing education for people in trade jobs, etc. If a 401k plan is offered, mention that too.

Dedicated to Quality

From our workmanship in the field of fire and life safety to the way we treat our customers, Victory Fire strives to deliver a quality experience.  If you are a friendly, quality-minded individual seeking a position with career potential, we encourage you to apply. We have a diverse workforce built around a commitment to honesty, respect and success. 

Friendly Workplace

While we aren’t a family business, Victory Fire Protection sure feels like a family. From our field teams doing installations and service to our home office group designing systems, managing projects and taking service calls, there are plenty of friendly faces to greet you. It’s a team effort everyday from the first pot of coffee to lights out.

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