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  • HOME BUILDERS (Local & National)

Leading Experts in Fire Sprinkler Systems and Services

For over 25 years, we’ve intentionally specialized in water-based fire protection systems. This keeps our proven team nimble and efficient when working with builders and property managers.

Value for Builders

  • Land development. Pre-bid underground service size analysis
  • Water purveyor coordination and assistance with local requirements
  • Design early. Install on schedule.
  • Highly-trained and certified in-house design team
  • Quick and efficient designs with local requirements for perrmitting
  • Construction Pros – Qualified, tenured, seasoned and reliable installers
  • New Construction, Retrofit, Addition, Finished Basements
  • Residential pump and tank systems.
  • WARRANTY – Prompt reliable, friendly service after the close
  • Design,  installation, inspection, certify, maintain, service

A-Team service – Always

Victory Fire Protection designs and installs fire protection systems that meet all building codes and standards while providing you with cost saving alternatives to meet your budget without sacrificing on time performance or quality. 

Our A-Team process is professional and hassle-free. We aim to earn the trust of both the builders we work for and the homeowners whose homes we protect. Victory Fire’s professionals are available to provide basic system tours for your new homebuyers after the sale to ensure they understand their new fire sprinkler system.

Victory Fire Protection Makes it Easy

The Right System. The right way.

You won’t find anything but straight talk here at Victory Fire. We will help you specify the right system to fulfill all necessary code requirements. We never cut corners and matching the system to the property takes experience. 

Free Consultation

Consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email to set up a meeting. We’re just as happy to meet at our office or even on a job site. The hood or tailgate of a pickup makes a fine conference table.

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